We are a female led Cooperative of 122 people in Zaouiat Ahnsal, Morocco. Specialists in producing aromatic and medicinal plants.

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Before the Cooperative


Zaouiat Ahnssa, Morocco

Before the cooperative, it was culturally unacceptable for women to travel alone or to have a say in many aspects of their life. Authoritative figures would not take women seriously. Now their husbands and the whole community are at peace with the idea and they see these adherents as businesswomen. The cooperative positively contributed to a change in the relationship dynamics of many families. Husbands have become supportive when their wives need to travel for days, and they take on responsibilities of the household management. The same women who were not taken seriously are now leading administrative meetings and are trusted by others to make decisions.

Time for Change


“Our cooperative was founded in 2017, in Zaouiat Ahnsal. We have 122 adherents. Our activities focus on the valorisation and valuation of the aromatic and medicinal plants (specifically thyme) in our region. We also work within Ecotourism. We plan to create a mobile restaurant where we present local recipes made from our local products in an innovative way. We have units entirely dedicated to saffron as well as other plants.”

Fatima Amaguar, President



Together with nature

In less than four years, our cooperative created and led by women exceeded all our expectations. We have reached all the goals we had originally set for ten years. This progress and success are primarily due to good governance and the perseverance of women. We worked hard to establish a name, and now the earnings of our women surpass their husbands working in the same area. We also schedule listening sessions, where we help solve the problems women face, whether they are within the cooperative or outside.

Our Products

“Our product identity comes from the climate of the region, the quality of water flowing from Ouad Ahensal spring and our practices of production.”

Our Values



Our cooperative doesn’t want to sell women’s struggles and indigence; we only sell high-quality products. We want to be known for what we make and not what we face in life. Our product identity comes from the climate of the region, the quality of water flowing from Ouad Ahensal spring and our practices of production. I want people to buy our products because they are the best, not because they sympathise with me as a struggling rural woman. People know that cooperatives are far away from the corporate world, and we are known for our sincerity, equity and solidarity.

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